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What Polyamorous and Polygamous Relationships tell us about the Human Condition

Culturico, June 23, 2021 with co-author, William Jankowiak

Cheating from a Multitude of Perspectives

The Scarlet Letter; Medium.com, November 14, 2020

Full Circle Love

The Scarlet Letter; Medium.com, July 10, 2020

Lost and Found in Borneo

Medium.com, July 13,  2020

Quarantine Diary

Medium.com, July 5, 2020

Gerewol: The Seduction Festival

Unpublished Essay, 2019

Gerewol Festival

Slide Show, 2019

Mani and Back

Unpublished Essay, 2019

Mani Journey

Slide Show, 2019

Saying Goodbye to my Mother - A Music Story

Unpublished Essay, July 2017

Two White Rats, a Dog, a Cat, another Dog and a Dad and the Meaning of Life and Death

Unpublished Essay, September 2016

Sorting Out Sex, Culture and Business in China and Cuba

Yin Rising: The Chinese Sexual Evolution, 2014

Reflections on the Ending of the World

Unpublished Essay, December 2012

Orgasm in America: Current Beliefs and Practices

Loveology University, February 2012

Chinese Sexology Journal, October 2013

“The Oral Sex Void: When There’s Not Enough at Home”

Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, vol. 14. December 26, 2011

Sexual Boundaries: Who Pushes Them and Why?

Loveology University, November 2010

“Who Cheats and Why?”

Loveology University, March 2010

“On Kittens and the Very Invented Culture of Polyamory”
Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, vol. 11. Fall 2008

“America’s Fidelity Crisis: Politics, Hypocrisy and Family Values”

Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol 9, October 2006

Loving More Magazine #20, Winter 2000,

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Jealousy and Transformation in Polyamorous Relationships

[Literature Review]  [Research and Data Analysis]

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The Implications of Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Orangutan and Bonobo Mating Patterns on the Sexual Behavior of Ancestral Humans, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, 2003

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"As The Other Shoe Drops: Unraveling a Relationship and a Story"

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“When One Lover Isn’t Enough”

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The Magic of Burning Man

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"Adding a Co-Wife"

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Cupid’s Coupons, More Cupid’s Coupons and Cupid’s Romance Coupons, 1998

Formerly released as Love Coupons, More Love Coupons and Romance Coupons, 1994

Longstreet Press

Women Who May Never Marry: The Reasons, Realities, and Opportunities

November 1993 by Longstreet Press.  Reviewed in over 80 papers nationwide including USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Copley & Gannett News Services.  Guest on 100 television and radio shows.