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Private Sessions
I offer private sessions for individuals, couples, and families on topics related to sex, relationships and communication.  My out of the box thinking can be useful for couples with low sexual desire, individuals who are grappling with cultural issues related to Virginity and Arranged Marriage, Cyber Cultural Practices, Sexual Assault, LGBTQI Identities, BDSM/Kink Sexualities, and those who seek information and suggestions relative to Cheating, Polyamory, Swinging, and Multiple Partner Relationships.

Phone or Zoom
Consultation: $150/hour; $75/half hour
In Person: $150/hour  (Offices in Van Nuys and Venice, CA)

Sliding Scale: If my rates are beyond your means, I can offer you services at a rate you can afford.

My training is as an educator, anthropologist and a sexological researcher and not as a psychotherapist. If I assess that your issues/concerns would not benefit from my unique approach and perspective, I can refer you to a licensed psychotherapist.

Expert Witness

I am available to consult on criminal trials where my unique expertise as a cultural specialist on sexological issues would help to inform juries.  I am able to testify on issues including Cyber Chat, Sexual Assault and Multiple Partner Sexualities.  


Phone Consultation, Document Review and Analysis: $250/hour

Court Appearance: $375/hour

How to Contact Dr. Leanna Wolfe

Call/Text (323) 717-6167  or email LeannaPhD@outlook.com to schedule a session.