Is receiving anal sex okay?   What’s positive and negative?  I’m thinking I want to try it,  but I’d like some information first.  Barry, 26

Barry, penetration of the anus by means of a penis or a dildo is a uniquely human activity. Bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees) who share 98% of our DNA and are an intensely sexual species, do not engage in anal penetration.  So why do (some) humans do it?  Well aficionados report that it feels good--both to the penetrator and to the receiver.  Inside of the anus there are many nerve endings and when skillfully stimulated much pleasure can result.  Male receivers can also benefit from the stimulation of the prostate gland which can garner a sensation similar to what women feel when their G-spots are stimulated. Being that anal intercourse does not break the hymen, women who need to preserve their virginity may engage in anal intercourse to remain technical virgins.  

Anal Sex