Dr. Leanna Wolfe holds a PhD in Sexology (IASHS), a MA in Anthropology (New School), a BA in Anthropology (Berkeley) and has published numerous scholarly articles and books, as well as conducting in-depth field work on polygamy, polyamory and infidelity all over the world.   

Dr. Leanna Wolfe
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Dr. Wolfe was the lead researcher on a variety of Sexological studies including: Polyamory’s Three Waves (2018), Changing Perspectives on Sexual Assault (2017), The Culture of Cybersex and Internet Chat (2016), The Impact of Social Media on Sex and Relationships (2015), Herpes: Folklore, Fear and Realities (2014), Orgasm in America: Current Beliefs and Practices (2012), Are Polyamory and Cheating All That Different? (2012), Sexual Culture of Baby Boomers (2010), Who Cheats and Why? (2009), Sexual Boundaries: Who Pushes Them and Why? (2009) and Polyamorous  Behaviors of Non-Poly Identified Peoples (2008).

Her skills in describing the particularities of Sexological practices to lay audiences have led to her work as a criminal court expert witness in areas including Contemporary Gender Dynamics, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, The Culture of Internet Chat, Cyber Sex Communication Modalities including Texting and Sexting, Erotic Role Play Styles and Strategies, Internet/App-Enabled Dating and Casual Encounters, Language and Practices of BDSM / Kink Sexualities.  Dr. Wolfe is on the advisory board of the American College of Sexologists International and has been featured widely on television and radio, including Discovery and A&E.

She  was the producer of the weekly Sex and Culture Salon and worked as a Professor of Anthropology for 37 years; her preeminent course was Gender, Sex and Culture. Her publications include, Women Who May Never Marry: The Reasons, Realities and Opportunities (1993), “Adding a Co-Wife” (1998, 2006), America’s Fidelity Crisis: Politics, Hypocrisy and Family Values (2006) and “The Oral Sex Void: When There’s Not Enough at Home” (2011). Her much awaited book, 177 Lovers and Not Done Counting: My Life as a Sex Researcher has been accepted for publication by Rowman and Littlefield for 2023.