Is it true that a woman might ejaculate when she cums?  What causes this?  How can I prevent this from happening?  Chris, age 29

Chris, female ejaculation can occur when a woman’s G-spot is stimulated.  The G-spot or Grafenburg spot is a small wrinkly zone at the roof of a woman’s vagina.  Many women find stimulation of this area (by a finger, a sex toy such as a wand or vibrator, or a penis) to be very erotic.  Some women may ejaculate without direct stimulation of their G-spots--simply getting turned on causes them to ejaculate!  There are women who ejaculate without experiencing an orgasm while others may orgasm without ejaculating.  And certainly some will both ejaculate and orgasm at the same time.  While the fluid that is emitted comes from the bladder, it is chemically different from urine.  A woman may experience a very cleaned out sensation after ejaculating--all the tension inside of her can feel completely released.  I’d imagine you’d like to prevent this because you’d like your bedding to stay dry!  Rather than discouraging your partner from ejaculating, place a thick towel under her or purchase some large disposable diapers!  (She’ll be glad you did.)

Female Ejaculation