Are These 
Answers Correct?

These answers offer a different kind of information than many sex and relationship specialists offer. Being an anthropologist, Dr. Leanna  thinks cross-culturally.  An answer that might be socially correct in New York City, would be completely inappropriate in Afghanistan...and certainly vice-versa.  For example some cultures place a high value on virginity, where for others lack of sexual experience would be considered a liability.  And certainly those who find themselves migrating from one culture to another may need special guidance.

Ultimately there are few correct answers when it comes to human sexual expression and intimate relationships. Even the ways we kiss are socially constructed.  Traditionally, in the Trobriand Islands (Melanesia), the passion equivalent to deep kissing was expressed through biting the tips off of a lover’s eye lashes.  Thus those with very short eye lashes must have been regarded by others has having had a pretty good time!